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Established by Archie Layne and his family, Legacy Manufacturing, Inc. is dedicated to the design, machining, fabrication, and installation through our sister company LMI of the highest quality architectural and mechanical metalwork available. Our base is nationwide and we are equipped to handle even the smallest of jobs to large multi-million dollar projects.  Our goal is to help the companies of today stay progressive and competitive offering excellent quality and on-time delivery at the right price.

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What’s the press saying about us?

Archie Layne never gave up on his dream. After a lifetime of hard work and diligence and, according to him, the “grace of God,” Legacy Manufacturing Inc. in Catoosa County is finally a reality. Legacy Manufacturing, which is located in Rossville, is a design and metal fabrication company that specializes in custom machining. Actually the business has been open and operating since July, but it held a grand opening and dedication Thursday, Oct 6, to make it official.  Better yet, Layne isn’t alone in his dream, but has made his life’s work a “family affair,” appointing his wife Patricia, his son Jason, and his daughter Kristy as key players. Kristy said she’s officially the CFO of the company, but none of them have any problem going into the shop and getting their hands dirty or just doing whatever needs to be done.  “I’m very proud of him and happy for him,” said his daughter Kristy Lyda. “This has been a lifelong dream of his, so it’s really awesome to help him fulfill that dream. He deserves it. He’s one of the best and most well-known machinists in the area. You go into any shop and mention his name, and they know exactly who Archie Layne is.” Patricia said her husband has been a machinist between 30-35 years. He’s seen a lot of changes in the industry over the years and he knows the business and the clients very well, she said.“He’s very good at what he does,” said Patricia. “He has a real likable personality and a lot of people know him. I couldn’t be happier for us and for him. I think he’s really enjoying himself today.”   Layne made it very clear the first order of the day before ribbons or lunch was to dedicate the business to God.  “I just want to dedicate this business to the Lord,” said Layne. “He’s the reason we’re here.”  Layne said he’s thought about starting his own business his whole life, but after the economy went south, he started to put a plan into action. After several bumps along the way with the finances, Layne said a turn of events that caused everything to fall into place was just too strange to be a coincidence and confirmed for him “the Lord really did put all of this together.” Bill Broom, pastor of New Haven Baptist Church, was present for the dedication. He shared a passage from Deuteronomy 20, with a theme that “God gives successes,” then offered a prayer of dedication and blessing.  About 150 people attended the event, including friends, customers, vendors and several Catoosa County Chamber of Commerce ambassadors and members. A barbecue lunch was provided by Shuford Barbeque after the ribbon cutting and presentation-of-the-key ceremonies. 

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